• Enjoy this box with the one you love or on a zoom call with friends. This homemade antipasto box consists of Mezzo’s most popular appetizers.  It includes marinated vegetables like marinated roasted sweet peppers, artichokes, mushrooms and grilled eggplant, stuffed fried olives, prosciutto, soppressata, parmesan & asiago cheese crostini & caprese salads.
  • Create your box, choose one of the following from each section, one choice per section only (box comes with fresh ciabatta bread and mezzo garlic butter):
    1. Chicken or Veal parmesan, chicken or veal in a wild mushroom cream sauce or wild mushroom lemon sauce
    2. Green or Caesar salad
    3. Penne in a meat, tomato or blush sauce
    4. Tiramisu, cheesecake or cannoli
  • This box will have all the fine Italian deli meats on baked ciabatta bread, green salad with balsamic vinaigrette; 4 mini desserts.
  • You will make someone very happy when they receive our Heaven box.  They are all homemade by Mezzo’s pastry chef and consists of all the favorites you will remember from dining in.  New York Style cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries, crème brulee, cannoli, chocolate brownies, truffles & tiramisu.
  • Eggplant Parmigiano, Penne tomato basil & mixed green salad.
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